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Pre-Made Logos

How can I use a Pre-Made Logo that I purchased from illoberry design co.?

You can use the logo for any branding or design uses for your business. Only the sizes and formats noted within the listing are included. Some resizing may be necessary to work with your intended use. You can use a free online design application to resize the logo for your use.

Can you recommend an online graphic editor?

Below are some links to third party sites that provide online software for resizing your logo.


What is the license for pre-made logos?

They are licensed to one business and can be used as delivered for that businesses branding, marketing, and design needs. You may not extract graphics from the logo and use them for other purposes.

Will the logo be resold to other businesses?

All pre-made logos will be sold again. They are not unique to your business.

Can you provide me with the font files for the logo?

Unfortunately, fonts are a third party resource and we can not share them as part of your purchase. Upon purchase, we will be more than happy to provide you with the font names, so that you may purchase a font license to use the source font files.

Can you provide me with the logo source files?

Unfortunately, source files are never provided for our logos. You will receive the files with all elements merged together.

shopify themes

How many sites can I use my purchased theme for?

You can use the theme for one Shopify site. If you need to utilize the theme for additional Shopify sites, please contact us for a multi domain license.

Can I use the logo from my theme in other designs for my business?

As long as the size/format works for the use, then you are allowed to utilize it in other online branding graphics that you create for your business.

Do you setup my Shopify site for me as part of my theme purchase?

Our themes do not come with Shopify site setup services, the client is responsible for setting up their site content, products, collections etc… If you need assistance with this, it can be purchased through our Website Management Services category within our shop.

Are your Shopify themes exclusive or will they be resold to other businesses?

All of our pre-made Shopify themes are non exclusive and will be resold to other businesses.

Can I upload my own logo to a Shopify theme?

Yes you can upload your own logo to the Shopify theme through the Customize Theme Area and the Theme Settings Tab.

Can I change the color scheme of the Shopify Theme?

Yes you will be able to change the colors of the theme through the Customize Theme Area and the Theme Settings Tab. Please note that graphics that exist within the theme would require a new graphic to be created and uploaded to the theme through the Theme Settings tab, as graphics can not be edited through the available tools.

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